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Vägvalet was created in 2010 following the introduction of a congestion tax by ruling parties who reneged on promises to their citizens that they would not introduce the tax. Today Vägvalet’s party platform is 50 pages long and we are running for election for the third time. We already hold seats in the local council and we hope the people of Gothenburg will continue to entrust us with the task of helping to manage local issues. 

Vägvalet has identified 5 key areas for Gothenburg in the run up to the 2018 elections: Traffic, democracy, housing, public health care and local finances.


It was clear to us back in 2010 that the plans for the West Link should be scrapped. At that time, there were very few who knew about the Haga rail tunnel. Now the people of Gothenburg are better-informed, and we are part a majority that are against this project. With your vote, we will be even stronger. We will stand a real chance of making a difference and perhaps putting a stop to project with the help of other parties.  All political decisions can be modified or reversed. The proposed funicular railway over the river (Göta Älv) will be the next battle. This is another project that will cost billions of Swedish crowns and it looks like a building experiment and a gamble with taxpayers’ money.

Vägvalet wants to see this money spent on developing existing public transport.  

The connection between Stigbergstorget and Lindholmen, currently planned for after 2035, could be built in half that time. We want to slash the price of tickets on trams and buses outside of the rush hours to encourage a more even spread of passengers throughout the day. In that way, we can use the existing trams and buses more effectively and avoid having to increase capacity during the rush hours.

The tram network will continue to belong to Gothenburg City – despite what S and M have decided.
In addition, we will invest more in bicycle paths and we will make it possible for residents to park on the side of the street near their homes and not be forced into expensive car parks.  The cost of parking should be reduced to a reasonable fee. 

We want to see money allocated for the upkeep of streets and bicycle paths.


Widespread disappointment following the last referendum still festers. As a result, Gothenburg’s politicians score poorly in yearly confidence polls.  “Göteborgsförslaget” (Gothenburg suggestion) is an initiative that allows citizens to post suggestions for the attention of politicians on the city’s website. This was a step in the right direction. However, almost 90% of the suggestions are blocked. Vägvalet wants to get rid of the city borough councils and instead introduce a social district authority that will coordinate facilities in one central body. The day-to-day operations will still be carried out in the boroughs.

Gothenburg has Sweden’s highest number of municipally owned companies.

Exactly here is where people in Gothenburg should get democracy, at Gustaf Adolfs Torg.

It is almost impossible to see what is happening in subsidiaries down the chain. Therefore, the number of companies should be reduced.

We also want to develop libraries into meeting places and modern multimedia hubs.

Young people should have more influence via the youth parliament (Ungdomsfullmäktige) than they have today.


Vägvalet wants to preserve Gothenburg’s character and architecture by limiting the number of high rise buildings that can be built in close proximity to each other.  We have gone from building apartment blocks with 3 to 6 floors to building ones with twice that number. This development must be curbed. There are serious consequences to creating densely-populated centers.

The current trend favoured by the Green Party (Miljöpartiet) to build parks and green areas is not the solution either. Gothenburg must be allowed to build more small houses and inexpensive rental apartments. A smaller number of contractors should be allowed to build, and the rate of land allocations should increase. We are also in favour of building consortiums and we want to examine the viability of reintroducing the private home movement (”egnahemsrörelsen”).

Health care

Children are important.  Child care should be quality controlled and the number of children in preschool groups should be reduced.  There should be no waiting lists for preschool places.

There is also an alarming difference in school results between schools. The newly established central school board must be tasked with investigating and working to eliminate serious disparities in school results. The city must also monitor the health and well-being of young people. We want to introduce new family centres for young people up to 18 years as a complement to the current school health care.

All geriatric care should be based on individual needs and preferences. Figures indicate that we need to build more homes for the elderly. Waiting lists are too long. When a person applies to move to a care home, the reasons are often very pressing. We cannot deny individuals the care they choose and still claim that they have a real choice in the matter.

Local finances 

Gothenburg’s finances are overstretched. To avoid raising taxes during an election year, the Red Green Coalition asked that local authority housing companies pay higher dividends to the local authorities. With a debt of 45 billion crowns, Gothenburg now has one of the country’s highest debts both in total and per inhabitant.  

Vägvalet wants more transparency regarding where taxes are going. After the election, we need a thorough reworking of local authority spending priorities (e.g. school and health care) and we need to discard unnecessary projects (such as the water display at the city library). 

Election news about Vägvalet! 

On 9 September you get to choose if Gothenburg should continue in the same direction as it has for the last few years. Vägvalet challenges everyone to think afresh. Together we can make Gothenburg a better place. We will have an election stand in a prominent spot in front of Stora Teatern. Come by and talk to us!

 Seven short reasons for choosing Vägvalet in the local election:

  1. Scrap Congestion tax. 
  2. Stop the West Link and increase capacity for rail travel.
  3. Prioritise a new river link over Göta Älv instead of the high-risk funicular project· 
  4. Build more affordable housing and more residence facilities for the elderly. 
  5. Abolish waiting lists for preschools. 
  6. Improve youth health care by creating family centres and other services.  
  7. Reduce the number of municipally owned companies and get our finances into order.  



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